Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is Evolution Science?

When most people hear the word science, they think in terms of all the wonderful technology we have today: computers, jet planes, cell phones, and so on. And certainly, scientists have accumulated much knowledge about this world and the laws which govern the universe. This has enabled us to build the wonderful technology we use today—the technology that sent you this email.

But when most people hear the word evolution, they think in terms of Darwin’s ideas concerning the supposed evolution of animals and man. Darwinian evolution teaches that life evolved from non-life millions of years ago and that over millions of years, one kind of animal changed into another. Finally, man arose from some ape-like ancestor.

Studying evolution is very different from studying present-day processes that have led to many amazing technologies. Molecules-to-man evolution is a belief concerning what supposedly happened in the past, but no one was there to see it happen. Thus, evolutionists are free to postulate stories about abiogenesis (non-living chemicals evolving into life), stellar evolution, or ape-men without direct observation. Such scenarios are merely belief statements.

The ideas Darwin espoused were his beliefs concerning the past. They are not science in the sense of scientists being able to observe these things actually happening.

However, we do not have to depend on mere guesses about the origin of the universe and life. We can thankfully refer back to the eye-witness account—the Bible.

Taken from "Answers in Genesis"


Growing In Grace Magazine said...


Thank you for the stand you take for our Savior. You have no idea how thankful we are to have young men becoming America's next great soulwinners.

Kaitlin said...

Those are some good points.

I attended public school all my life, even preschool starting at the age of 3. I have heard those lies since I was small. Yet, somehow through the the out of sight blindness men have, we try to grab onto something distant. As a christin now, evolution is ridiculous, but as a lost person evolution left me unaccountable for. Evolution is simply the world's excuse of having not having any authority.

What is even more a riot is that in the process of creating a scientific theory, after the results have been collected you can only say the results were either true, or not true. Evolution is obliviously not true, which is shown through God's word, but the world clings onto the "not" part of the results. Assuring themselve's it's not false, it's just not 100% proven true. Now being a Christian, it's hard to believe I believed those lies, but once again hearing I have no authority is easier then admitting I do and I am not living up to His morals.

Evolution is just a great scheme of the devil to distract the world from God's amazing love. And it is sending many people to hell ever day.

How sad..

Ethel said...

Great post.

Jen said...

Science by definition is "systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation" - observation and experimentation are not possible with evolution.

However what I think is even more sad is the fact that in some countries (France for instance) Evolution is in the history books rather than science books - taught as fact in the timeline of mankind. Very sad.

My favorite creationist is Ken Ham from I have had the opportunity to hear him in person and he is a great speaker. :) (Since creationism/evolution was the topic I thought I would randomly throw that out there! :) )

God bless,

Anna Joy said...

We have a lot of Ken Ham's video's...I really like the ones that he has for kids..they are so simple but they explain creation really well!

Anna Joy said...

Oh, and I was wondering, does your blog not have a name or is it just me? It always shows up on my computer as .-

The Good Reporters said...

Growing in grace magazine,
Thank you for your encourageing words. Thanks so much for stopping by. Come again.

You're right! Evolution is just a great scheme of the devil to distract the world from God's amazing love. And it is sending many people to hell ever day.

Thanks for your comment.

Sis. Ethel,
Thank you!

We have several of Ken Ham's videos as well. I really enjoy watching them.

Anna Joy,
They do explain creation very well. It's really amazing of some of the things that he brings out.

About your Question, I think I fixed it. Let me know if you have any more problems.

Joe said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Yours is great!

Evolution is reserved for the creatively blind.