Monday, October 22, 2007

"The Bus Report"

This past Saturday we were able to go visiting again with several other workers from Bus #3. The Lord allowed us to be able to sign-up some new riders for that Sunday, which was a blessing. While we were out visiting, another worker from our bus and I went knocking on doors. We were able to stop and witness to a young man about the Lord. When my visiting partner first asked the young man about his salvation, he just laughed and acted like he didn't really care. My partner asked the man if he was to die right now, where would you go? The man admitted that he would go to Hell. My partner asked if he could show him how to be saved, and the man said "yes". They went inside the man's house while I talked to some bus kids. When they came back out, the man looked different. Before, he looked and acted like he didn't even care. And now, he looked like he had a peace about him. He told me that he had gotten saved. Praise the Lord! The man's name is Larry. Pray that he'll start coming to church and that he'll grow in the Lord.

The Lord really gave us a strong day for Bus #3 this past Sunday. We had around 116 riders. (including workers) Kids were coming from everywhere and climbing on the bus. It was so exciting. The Lord allowed us to have several new people ride the bus. I think they had a really good time. That was a blessing.

On the way home, we fed each of the riders hot dogs. Some of the kids were eating 3 or 4. (By the way, if you're looking for a great promotion for your bus route, try this!) If y'all have any ideas or promotions that worked really well for your route, please leave me a comment and tell me about it. I'd love to hear from you.

Until next Monday,

Glad to be on Bus #3!



Terry said...

Oh Good Reporters
What a good report that was!!
Larry was saved so fast because he finally admited that he deserved to go to Hell and that is just the time that the Lord steps in with His great plan of salvation..That is so great!

I came here this morning to give you the email letter that Glenys just sent to me...

"I have got the all clear for my surgery on Monday. I am feeling quite scared though because of the possible risks. The doctor said there was a 1 in 1000 chance that some of the plaque in the artery could come loose and if it went downwards it would make me have a heart attack on the table and if it travelled upwards, I would have a stroke! There is a chance that they would rupture the artery with the stent and that would require immediate bypass surgery. I told her I didn't like the sound of it and she said I had no alternative- only to wait as I am doing and have a massive heart attack! Please continue to pray for me- it is going to be a long 6 days. I will be done in the afternoon."

Thank you for praying for my dad also.
This is the exact same operation that he is going to have.
I never knew until I read Glenys's email that those were the dangers of such an operation..

Glenys, as you know is saved but her dear husband, Chris is not....Terry

Julie's Jewels said...

I will put Glenys on my prayer list as well as her husband Chris. Please let us know how things go with her.

By the way....what an exciting post to read of how Larry got saved!! Also the report of Bus #3 on Sunday. Praise the Lord!! And how I rejoice to hear the excitement in your words Joshua. That blesses my heart almost as much as what you reported. We need more young people to have a burden for the bus ministry and for lost souls!! Don't ever lose that!

The Good Reporters said...

Sis. Terry,
Isn't God good!!!

Thank you so much for keeping us updated with Glenys. We're continuing to pray for her. I didn't know her husband wasn't saved. We'll pray for him also. Keep us updated.