Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Riddles To Lighten Your Day

The man that made it, didn’t want it.
The man that bought it, didn’t need it.
The man that used it, didn’t know it.
What is it?


You have some dogs.
I have some dogs.
If I were to give you one, you’d have twice as many as I.
Should you instead give me a dog, we’d have the same number of dogs.
How many dogs do we each have to start?


Kristina said...

There is one thing I have never been good at....riddles!!

I have no idea on either of them! LOL

Dave said...

Hard!! I hope you post the answers.

Nerak said...

I believe the first one is a grave. The second one I have to think about and get back to you:-)

The Good Reporters said...

Kristina, Dave,
I thought they were hard myself.

Great job! You got the first one, the second one is 5 & 7.

Dave said...

I thought I hear the first one.