Monday, September 10, 2007

"The Bus Report"

The Lord really blessed us with a great crowd on the bus yesterday morning. Every seat was filled with 2-3 people in a seat. Towards the end of our route, while we were still picking up kids, it got so full that I had to stand up to let kids sit in my seat. (By the way, I love it when it gets that full.) It's always exciting to see the kids laughing and having a great time on the bus.
Please be in prayer for the upcoming program at our church. Pray that the Lord will bless Bus #3 with alot of riders during that time. Also, I ask that you would please be in prayer for our BIG day on Oct. 7. Our goal for Bus #3 is to run 2-3 buses on our route and have 178 riders on our buses that morning. Please be in prayer that the Lord would allow us to reach that goal. Also, continue to pray for salvation and/or spiritual growth for each of our riders.
Glad to be on Bus #3!


Dave said...

Thank for comment on my cbox. I add bus #3 on my prayer Journal.


The Good Reporters said...

Thanks for adding Bus #3 to your prayer journal.

Dave said...

You are welcome.


Karen said...

Just thought you two might want to read my blog today. It isn't about bus ministry...but sort of the equivalent...about 100 years ago and the impact it had. Maybe it will be an encouragement for you when sometimes it seems like nothing is happening.