Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"The Bus Report"

This past Saturday, we were able to go on bus visitation again. We were able to visit our entire bus route, checking up on the kids and their families and reminding them about church the next day. It is so much fun getting to visit the different kids on our route. I usually try to cheer them up and play with them when we go.

It is also sad to see what they face each day such as, drunken dads and moms, divorced parents, fighting, etc. Many times we think if only we can just reach more kids to ride our bus, but there are other people in the homes of our bus riders who need to be reached. In fact, in most cases, until those other people are reached, we will never really get to the heart of that child and be able to see fruit that remains. I want to challenge you in filling your bus and keeping it full to reach moms, dads and other adults by applying the following principles.

1. Take time to talk to the parents at each stop
When you go visiting, always talk to the parents first. It is very important that you do not just talk to the children when you go bus calling. Make it a practice at every single house not just to talk to mom and dad but to do it first. Make sure to ask the parents not only if the children can come but also if they will come.

2. Have a promotion for the adults as well as the children
Make an effort every Sunday to make sure that if a mom or dad comes on the bus there is something specifically for them that will interest them. It is called "going the extra mile."

3. Brag on them on the bus for coming
Always take time to brag on the parents when they ride the bus. Say a word about how thankful you are that they rode the bus.

4. Drop by their house during the week to visit
Saturday is the normal day that we go by to visit the bus kids, but when you stop by during the week on a Tuesday or Thursday to visit mom dad, it has an incredible impression on the parents.

5. Direct them to Sunday school when the bus arrives
If you have an adult that rides your bus, they will need to be directed to their Sunday school teacher. Many bus adults do not return to church because they feel like they do not fit in. In order to help them to feel a part, you must go the extra mile in introducing them to their Sunday school teacher and in making sure someone sits by them. Of course the goal is to make sure they feel very welcome at your church.

6. Write them a thank-you letter for coming
The very first time a parent comes, they need to receive a personal letter from you thanking them for riding the bus. This will touch their lives. The goal is to reach the parents, not just the kids.

Remember, you will have to go the extra mile to fill your bus and keep it full. There is nothing like serving the Lord in the bus ministry and seeing boys, girls, moms, and dads get saved. Reach your kids' parents, and you will have a great bus route.

(taken from "Recharge Your Bus Route" by Dr. Eric Capaci)

Glad to be on Bus #3!



Julie's Jewels said...

Amen Bro. Joshua!!! These are very imporant facts and thank you for posting them. You are so right about the parents role in the bus ministry and reaching them and not just the kids. So many think it is about only the kids...but it simply is not!! You bless my heart each time you post about your bus route. Your posts share your heart and its desire with it. You are a real blessing to me!!

Happymama said...

Joshua, this is a great post. Through the bus ministry, we have seen several parents, grandparents, etc. saved. It's always a blessing to see the adults come and get in on the services.

~Mrs. Kristi

Jerry Bouey said...

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