Thursday, August 30, 2007


Marks of the Man of God

The pastor knows when he is right and admits when he is wrong; can take rebuke without retaliating; can keep his cool when everybody around him is spitting fire. After falling down, he can pick himself up and press on.

The pastor can turn the other cheek rather than swing the other fist; can suffer persecution without developing a persecution complex; can face the music without striking a note of discord; can be enveloped in the heat and stay in the kitchen; can suffer criticism without becoming critical.

The pastors can drink the cup of bitterness without becoming embittered; can endure hardship without becoming hardened; can be knocked down without being knocked out; and can be complimented without becoming conceited.

~Dr. Raymond Barber~


Julie's Jewels said...

Amen!! Thank God for TRUE men of God!!

Dave said...

Great Post!!! Thank for posting it!!

Straight Mike - tells it as it is said...

Hi Guys - will post this on our church bebo site if that's ok with you? Like your blog - keep up the good work!!

The Good Reporters said...

Straight Mike,
Feel free to put it on your church site. Glad to hear our has been a blessing. Thanks for stopping by.

Nerak said...

This should be true of ANY man or woman of God.

The Good Reporters said...

You're right! Thanks for your comment.