Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Right or Wrong?

A thing is right or a thing is wrong,
And there is no in-between.
We sometimes wish that it wasn't so,
But it's plain what both words mean.
If it's "not quite right," then it must be wrong;
If "it wouldn't be wrong," then it's right.
Though sometimes it's very hard to choose
When the difference seems very slight.
But no matter how old you live to be,
And no matter where you go,
There are no half measures with right or wrong;
And it always will be so
~Alfred I. Tooke~


Anonymous said...

Great poem, guys!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Awesome poem! Thank you for stopping by to visit. I've been enjoying your blog. I have added you to my blogroll.

The Good Reporters said...

Air Force Family,
Glad you enjoyed the poem. Thanks for stopping by and adding a link to our blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I enjoy reading your blog as well. Yes, I'd like to exchange links. I've already added your's.

I may read that poem to my class. A few weeks ago I wrote something on the board for them to think about:
"You have two choices:
Do right
Do wrong
What do you choose."

It's something I want to see my students grasp on a deeper level, but at second grade, that might be a little more than they can handle right now. I just pray that the seed has been planted.
God Bless!