Friday, December 08, 2006

No Room in the Inn, yes.....but, No Room in the Stable Too?????

See something missing from the above manger scene? Not even a child would have to look long to realize that the One missing is the reason for the Christmas season...the Christ Child. (What perfect timing. Anna just walked in, saw the picture and asked what it was from. I asked her to look and see if she saw anything missing. Her answer in less than 5 seconds? "Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus." She then wanted to know why they were missing. That's what I'd like to know.) Yes, that's right. You are looking at a picture of a nativity scene in St. Albans, WV, complete with camels, shepherds, ummm....are those donkeys?, a star and yes, even a stable. But wait......just why are these people and animals gathered around this stable? What exactly did they come to see? empty stable???? That is what this photo seems to say.
I am sure some of you have heard about this news story. What is this world coming to? People all around are so quick to put up their Satan.....errr.....I mean Santa Claus, reindeer, elves, etc., etc.....and yet when it comes to the real reason for celebrating this mention JESUS might offend someone. To leave CHRIST in Christmas may make someone feel uncomfortable......let's take it out and just say "Merry Xmas". There, that's better. There's just something about the name CHRIST.........
Sad to say, many parents today are teaching their kids that Christmas is all about Santa Claus and everything that goes with him. The puzzling thing to me is why these parents cannot see how Santa Claus has totally replaced Jesus at a special time we set aside to celebrate His birthday. Below, you will find the news article about the above picture. Let's remember what the true meaning of Christmas is this year.

International Herald Tribune

Thankfully, there are still enough people out there that let their voices be far away as Korea. Below you can read an update on the story.

Charleston Daily Mail

~Joshua and Rachel (Momma)~


Sis. Julie said...

Oh me!!! You are so right!! Our world is becoming more of a Christ-less society each and every day. I've been noticing some signs in yards around here though...

"At our house it isn't a holiday's a CHRISTmas tree"

"At our house we don't celebrate the holiday season...we celebrate the CHRISTmas season"

It is such a blessing to see some who are willing to take a stand!! I'm going to keep my eyes open on these "manger scenes" the are put out. I'm sure that one you have a picture of isn't the only one that will be found.

Anonymous said...

Good Post,
It is sad what is this world is coming too?

Anonymous said...

Mmm...mmm...that is so sad! If you look at it you automatically know that something is missing. That is really sad!

Aunt Naomi said...

You will be glad to hear that the people of St. Albans raised such a fuss over the missing baby Jesus that the Mayor had Him put back into the scene. The title of the news article in the paper was something like- "Christ comes to St. Albans." Believe it or not- our voices can be heard- if we raise them loud enough.