Thursday, January 03, 2008


On several occasions Dr. Hyles preached from the pulpit at Open Door Baptist Church. I remember one sermon where he said, "If I were going to shoot someone, I would not spend my time trying to prove to them that I had a gun nor would I try to defend it. I would just load it, point it and shoot it. If I were a good shot, they would be dead."

It is possible to spend too much time talking about the "gun" and failing to load it, aim it or shoot it. The accuracy of our aim can be determined by the number of squirrels on our belt.

Preaching is never an end in itself. We need to aim at reaching, winning, maturing, training and sending people into Christ's service. Aim your gospel gun at a high target and shoot it. You'll be glad you did and the squirrels will love you for it.

By Ken Blue

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