Monday, October 29, 2007


There’s a website that’s recently been in the news. It’s called It shows pictures of cute and long-faced dogs who are soon to be put to death. It’s controversial because they have a clock ticking down to when each dog will be put to sleep. That pulls on the heart-strings. I would like to create a website called with a clock ticking down to when human beings will be put to death. Every day 150,000 people die. The clock is ticking. Our hearts should more than break at the thought. We should be horrified that a single soul would end up in Hell, and let that horror energize us (with God’s help) to rescue them.
(By Ray Comfort)


spencer said...

thats really cool. I think allot of people would get saved from that.

The Good Reporters said...

I think it's sick to see how much they care about dogs yet, when it comes to babies, they think abortion is the answer. Thanks for your comment.

Dave said...

That is great idea! It is sick ( like you say) how they will get mad when someone kill a dog but they do not care that babies was geting kill every days!


spencer said...

I had a dog when I was four years old then we found out that we could not keep her anymore so we gave her to another family then they had to give her to the pound because she bit somebody. her name was kasie.

The Good Reporters said...

I bet you were sad you had to give it away. We have three dogs right now.