Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Teach Your Children Biblical Christianity

When we say that we are fundamentalists, we mean by this that biblical Christianity defines our fundamentalism. We must not make the mistake of trying to define biblical Christianity by our fundamentalism. "Some people say that fundamentalism is dead. No, my friend, fundamentalism is alive. It has been and always will be until the coming of Jesus Christ."
Teach them that the Bible is the Word of God.
Teach them that the Lord Jesus is the only Saviour.
Teach them that salvation is for all those who will repent of their sin and believe.
Teach them the importance of the local New Testament church.
Teach them what God's Word says concerning separation to the Lord and from the world.
Teach them how to live the victorious Christian life.
Teach them the truth concerning the Second Coming of our Lord.
Teach them concerning the eternity of the soul, and Heaven and hell.
Teach them the responsibility of personal soul-winning.

(Taken from a sermon given by Dr. Lee Roberson in 1978)


Baptist Girl said...

Well said.


Julie's Jewels said...

Very good!! This post lists some very important points to make sure we teach our kids.

IronWill said...

Some good stuff there. You guys have a nice blog going, keep up the good work!

The Good Reporters said...


Sorry for not answering any sooner. I was out of town all last week. Glad our blog has been a blessing to you. Thanks for stopping by.