Monday, August 27, 2007

"The Bus Report"

This past Saturday, Courtney, Caleb and I had the opportunity to visit our bus route with our bus captain. We were able to make some new contacts as well as visit our regular riders. It was really a fun and profitable day.

Sunday morning was exciting as usual. As each kid got on the bus, we marked their hand with a #3 so that they would know which bus they rode. Then, they were given some kind of snack such as crackers, cookies, etc. While we continued to pick up other kids we all sang songs with the riders. Upon arrival at church, the kids were divided into different groups and led to their Sunday School departments.

When church was over, we gathered up all of our kids and led them back to the bus. As we dropped them off, we kept them entertained with games and prizes. It's really fun to see who can sing the loudest (that can be hilarious).

Yesterday was a very rewarding day. Below you will see some pictures of Saturday's bus visiting as well as pictures from Sunday. Please continue to pray for our bus route to grow and most importantly the spiritual needs of each of our riders.

Glad to be on Bus #3!



Dave said...

Thank for "The Bus Report" I enjoy it and I enjoy the Pictures too. I am praying for Bus #3.


The Good Reporters said...

I'm glad to hear that "The Bus Report" has been a blessing to you. Thanks for your prayers for bus #3.