Sunday, June 03, 2007

World's Deadliest Drug

Who is the king of the drug world?
Who claims 50 times more lives than all the illegal drugs combined? Who costs the American people 130 billion dollars every year to mop up it's blood-bath of human slaughter? Who destroys 1 in every 4 families in America? Who kills over 200,000 Americans each year? Is it crack? Is it cocaine? Could it be heroin?
No, the undisputed heavy-weight champion of the drug world and number one killer of Americans is KING ALCOHOL!
And nobody dares utter a peep!
There are over 18 million alcoholics in America.
Cirrhosis of the liver kills over 30,000 each year and rising.
50 percent of the people on welfare are due to killer alcohol.
80 percent of all fire deaths are due to killer alcohol.
65 percent of the drownings
22 percent of home accidents
77 percent of falls
36 percent of pedestrian accidents
65 percent of all murders
40 percent of all assaults
35 percent of all rapes
30 percent of other sex crimes
30 percent of all suicides
Over 80 percent of all arrests are linked to killer alcohol!
And one of the most disturbing statistics of all - 60 PERCENT OF ALL CHILD ABUSE IS DUE TO KILLER ALCOHOL!
Let's wage a war on crack, on cocaine, on heroin, and marijuana! BUT DON'T DARE EVEN MENTION KILLER ALCOHOL!
During the Viet Nam war, 57,000 Americans gave their lives fighting for this country. A wailing wall was built in Washington with each soldiers' name engraved. But in that same 9-year period, when 57,000 died in Viet Nam OVER 2 MILLION AMERICANS were killed by killer alcohol! During the Viet Nam War, thousands of protesters were all over this country. What I want to know is where are the protesters against killer alcohol?
Nobody opens their mouth against killer alcohol! Nobody makes a sound! Who speaks out for over 7 million young children that live a life of child abuse, incest, and torture? Their little life is a hell on earth because of killer alcohol!
The alcohol industry spends over 400 million dollars a year advertising and glorifying the killer! By age 18, American children on an average, have seen an estimated 100,000 beer commercials! They innocently watch as their favorite heros glamorize and glorify killer alcohol."You only go around once in life, so grab for all the gusto you can", they proclaim. But what they don't tell you is - every single day - at least 10 young people die because of drinking alcohol! God have mercy on these athletes, who prostitute their God-given athletic ability, sacrificing our young people on the altar of alcohol!
One of the beer commercial's favorite celebrities was Billy Martin, former manager of the New York Yankees. I bet you never saw a picture of the end of the drinking scene. Here's the real picture! After spending most of Christmas day at the local bar drinking, Billy and William Reedy, a Detroit bar owner, headed home. As they were driving home their pickup truck skidded over 200 feet off a winding, country road, then traveled another 100 feet down a four-foot-deep gully before striking a concrete culvert. Billy Martin smashed through the windshield, fractured his neck and was pronounced dead 23 minutes later.
But, wouldn't that make a good"Lite" beer commercial! Wouldn't that really show you"Miller Time"?
Killer Alcohol is turning our highways into rivers of blood and our interstates into a slaughter-house! On the average, every 50th car you see is powered by a drunk driver on their way to murder an innocent victim! Nearly 700 a week will be killed, 100 a day, nearly 5 an hour - every 12 minutes somebody is killed by a drunk driver! Over 25 million Americans have died in traffic accidents because of alcohol. People ask what are we going to about AIDS? What I want to know is - what are we doing about those thousands of innocent people who are "LAMBS LED TO THE SLAUGHTER" on the highways across America by a drunk driver!
IN JUST ONE YEAR, alcohol will slaughter more Americans on our highways than all the American soldiers killed in World War II!
Some gullible parents are actually relieved that their children are drinking alcohol instead of using other drugs. But, what many parents don't know is - the number one killer of young people between the ages of 16 and 24 is ALCOHOL-RELATED AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS!
Next time you buy that drink. Next time you buy that six-pack. You are footing the bill for the murder of somebody's loved one, somebody's little child! JUST MAYBE - YOUR OWN! Next time your wife and children go to the grocery store, next time your husband goes to work - BEWARE, it just may be the last!
The President and Congress have spared no expense, nor effort, to"to get guns off the streets." From "20/20", to "48-Hours", to the local news - you can't turn on the television, without hearing the horror of "guns and youth." Where are the "TV specials" on killer alcohol? And what's more, in nearly all youth related shootings - killer alcohol helps"pull the trigger". As one youth convicted of attempted murder, said, "most of the times we didn't think about planning drive-by shootings, 'cause we had all been DRUNK."
In April 29, 1992, the world was in shock, as the"L.A. Riots" left more than 50 people dead, 2,300 injured, and over $1 billion in damage. And guess who was there! KILLER ALCOHOL! U.S. News and World Report, (May 31, 1993) stated, ". . . liquor plainly inflamed the violence . . . you could smell the liquor on people's breath from several feet away." Not surprisingly, U.S. News and World Report, also said, "Yet official investigations of the 1992 riot have virtually IGNORED LIQUOR'S ROLE. . ."
A 16-year-old in Buffalo, N.Y. kills his father after drinking some beers with friends . . . A drunk father in South Carolina, cuts off the head of his baby. In jail, he's screaming, "How? How could I do such a thing? I loved my baby!" . . . A drunk husband pours gas on his wife and then sets her on fire. In jail, he's crying, "Why? What came over me? I loved my wife!" . . . Cari Lightner, a 13-year-old girl killed by a drunk driver, as she walked to a church carnival . . . 4 year-old, David Gunderman run over by a drunk driver as he stood on the sidewalk waiting for the ice cream man
. . . And killer alcohol keeps killing!
The President and Congress, have repeatedly called to our attention, the country's large deficit. But what they don't tell you - killer alcohol costs tax payers over 130 billion dollars each year to mop up it's massacre! Wouldn't that go a long way in balancing our budget? Not even to mention the thousands of lives, homes, and marriages we'd salvage! No, let's cut back military! Let's cut back social security! Let's raise taxes! But don't dare do anything to halt killer alcohol!
Do you know what city has the highest per capita consumption of killer alcohol? YOU GUESSED IT! WASHINGTON, D.C.!
Killer alcohol can make an otherwise, faithful man or woman forget their marriage vows. Currently, 2 out of every 3 marriages end in divorce - and 2 out of every 3 adults drink alcohol! A Miami judge recently"shocked" the news media when he stated that a WHOPPING 90% OF ALL DIVORCES WERE CAUSED BY DRINKING PROBLEMS!
Killer alcohol has destroyed our homes!
85% of all the children in foster homes are there, thanks to killer alcohol! God only knows the thousands of women and children beaten black and blue - thanks to killer alcohol! God only knows the rivers of tears wept - thanks to killer alcohol!
Mental illness and the homeless is in epidemic proportions in America. A panel of 20 doctors and scientists was asked in Pageant Magazine, what is the greatest single cause of insanity in the U.S.? THEY ALL REPLIED WITHOUT EXCEPTION - ALCOHOL!
You've heard it said, one or two drinks won't hurt you, or an occasional drink may even be good for your health. NOT ACCORDING TO THE LATEST RESEARCH! An article in U.S. News and World Report states, "Alcohol begins to alter the functioning of virtually every organ from the moment it enters the body. . . experts believe even OCCASIONAL DRINKS CAN BE DANGEROUS." According to studies, you have at least a 1 in 10 chance of becoming an alcoholic with each sip! Research states, "Everytime you take a drink you are playing RUSSIAN ROULETTE! Any given "sip" you may pull the switch that will change your metabolism and turn you into a chronic alcoholic and destroy your life."
And 1 out of every 10 alcoholics commit suicide!
The Bible gives a perfect description of alcohol in Proverbs 23: "Who hath WOE? Who hath SORROW? who hath contentions? who hath babbling? who hath wounds without cause? who hath redness of eyes? THEY THAT TARRY LONG AT THE WINE; they that go to seek mixed wine. Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his colour in the cup, when it moveth itself aright. At the last it BITETH LIKE A SERPENT, AND STINGETH LIKE AN ADDER. Thine eyes shall behold strange women, and thine heart shall utter perverse things."
The Bible says, ". . . at last it biteth like A SERPENT." Do you know what a serpent bite is? POISON! Did you know that alcohol is poison? Every major organ in your body is poisoned by alcohol. According to The Birmingham News (Nov. 19, 1990), "Scientific data show alcohol is THE MOST PHYSICALLY DETERIORATING drug there is. It causes more organic damage than any other drug. . ."Why is it when people get drunk, they have a tendency to vomit? Because your stomach knows POISON when it comes down! No wonder the bartender says, "NAME YOUR POISON"! When a man is drunk, he is INTOXICATED. Do you know what a TOXIC is? IT IS A POISON! A drunk man is a man who has LITERALLY POISONED HIMSELF!
Scientists have only recently discovered the physical process that creates the slurred speech and drunken stupor. Once in the blood stream, alcohol causes a coagulation of the red corpuscles referred to as "sludging". The blood thickens so that it cannot flow freely and clogs the metabolic exchange of life-giving oxygen. And when cells are deprived of oxygen - THEY DIE! And because brain cells require a high oxygen supply continuously, they are particularly vulnerable! And brain cells are the only cells that do not reproduce! Brain cells destroyed are never replaced! Autopsies performed on drinkers, often reveal hollow cavities in the skull, where ENTIRE CONVOLUTIONS OF THE BRAIN HAVE DISAPPEARED! And according to studies by Dr. Melvin H. Kinsley, brain damage occurs progressively from THE VERY FIRST DRINK! The next time you see that man staggering drunk - YOU ARE WATCHING A MAN LITERALLY DESTROYING HIS BRAIN!
I've had people tell me several times, Jesus drank wine. . . The Bible makes a clear distinction between fermented liquor and new wine, or grape juice. Speaking of fermented liquor, Proverbs 23 says, "Look not thou upon the wine when it is red (speaking of fermentation), when it giveth his colour in the cup, when it moveth itself aright (speaking of the bubbling and carbonation). At the last it BITETH like a serpent, and STINGETH like an adder."
A description of new wine is found in Isaiah 65:8, "as the NEW WINE is found IN THE CLUSTER." Not in a bottle! You can't get FERMENTED LIQUOR from a CLUSTER! Fermented LIQUOR is placed in a bottle, with yeast and allowed to FERMENT. Genesis 40:11 gives a clear picture of new wine, "I took GRAPES and PRESSED them in Pharaoh's cup."
People say, Jesus drank wine at the Last Supper with the apostles. HE DID? In Matthew, Mark and Luke where the account of the Last Supper is found, the word "wine" is never even mentioned. The Bible very carefully says they drank - "FRUIT OF THE VINE!"
What about when Jesus turned the water into wine at the marriage in Cana. If Jesus Christ turned water into fermented liquor, he directly disobeyed Habakkuk 2:15, "Woe unto him that giveth his neighbour drink, that puttest thy bottle to him, and makest him drunken also . . ." And, if Jesus disobeyed Habakkuk - HE WAS A SINNER! The Bible makes it very clear in 1 Peter 2:22, 2 Corinthians 5:21, and other verses - THAT JESUS CHRIST WAS WITHOUT SIN!
God has placed a very strong warning in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, "Be not deceived: NO DRUNKARDS, . . . shall inherit the kingdom of God."
Friend, alcohol will never satisfy that unquenchable thirst, burning inside of you.


Baptist Girl said...

I really apreciate this site. I had a friend that is an alcohol.
I took care of her children when they were younger and I am now taking care of the oldest daughter's, son. I have not seen their mom for a few years, but what I have heard from the daughter is she is still drinking. It was very tough on the children when they were young, they spent many nights with my husband and I.
The mom would come home drunk many nights and I could not leave them at home with her. SHe gave me some real rough times, but I would not leave them with her. The next day she would not remember or be full of apoliges. Her husband and her attended church with our family for about a year and she seemed better, but shortly after that she was back drinking. Her husband took the children finally and she came back to our home twice because she had taken a over-dose of pills. So I got her to to tthe hospital both times to have her stomach pumped and then she was put in the hosptal to get help. To this day she still has not recovered. The sad part is she was a wonderful mom when she was not drinking, a very very talented Artist and she could have had such a future for herself and her family. while she went to church she did come forward to except Jesus Christ but I still am not sure if it was true.
I pray for her and for her family and I am glad her daughter is still in our lives.
Please pray for her, her name is Carol and her children are Ashley, Jordan and Avery.

Alcohol is deadly!

Thank you for sharing this, it needs to be heard.


Julie's Jewels said...

Wow!! I was reading the first part of this post and was going in my mind through all drugs that are circulating around today. Meth came to mind first...then cocaine....then marijuana...but as t his post reveals I was wrong on all counts. I guess I didn't think of alcohol as a drug. But anything that is addicting is a drug. That could go for cigarettes too. It is so sad that number of lives that alcohol has destroyed and families it has caused the breakup of. I'm so glad that Jesus can quench that thirst and can take such addictions out of people's lives. He is the ONLY cure!!

The Good Reporters said...

Sis. Cristina,

We'll remember to keep this family in our prayers.

Thank you for your comment and faithfulness in reading our blog.

Happymama said...

That was a really good post, guys!

~Mrs. Kristi

Bro Tim said...

This was a great post. It is sad how many people are decieved into believing that one beer, or one wine cooler is alright. I have never met anyone who stopped at one, and many times they end up alcoholic. The Bible also says that Strong drink is raging, and whosoever is decieved thereby is not wise. SOmething to that effect. I have seen what alcohol can do to a family the first 11 years my dad drank. They were miserable, I have seen family taken to jail on dui, and even have step brother that owes 50,000 dollars for a sign he hit when he was drunk. IT destroys, and I tell people it does they don't like it, but it don't matter we must tell. Again great post!

Bro Tim

Juan Carlos Asmat said...

Good post and sadly even Christians today think that having some alcohol is correct because of the verses in the N.T. when our Lord Jesus Christ turned the water into wine. When people don't want to forsake their sin, they find a way to excuse it.

Jungle Mom said...

Excellent! Hello from Venezuela.

The Good Reporters said...

Jungle mom,
Glad you to hear that the post was a blessing to you. Thanks for stopping by.