Thursday, May 31, 2007

What Kind of World is This?

(I saw this from "Fundamental Perspective", and thought it was worth the read.)

“What kind of world is this if I have to defend having sex with Gisele Bundchen?”
I heard this quote first mentioned by V.B. on the Fox 25 Morning News program. This quote was attributed to New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady. This morning’s Boston Herald clears things up by noting this remark described Brady’s facial expression during an interview.
Brady made this ”face during an interview with Details Magazine. He was defending his personal life and preference to dating famous supermodels. All of this brought to our attention after his ex-girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan, announced she is having Tom’s baby. They had a three year relationship before breaking up. You may remember all the press concerning that.
I find myself asking the same question, what kind of world is this? Many millions of small, adoring fans look up to Brady only to find him chasing models, fathering children out of wedlock, and unashamedly engaging in an immoral lifestyle. This is the man we look up to, admire, and spend money to purchase tickets to see. We spend tons of money buying tee-shirts and jerseys bearing his name. I think back a few weeks ago to when our school had a special football spirit day. Students were encouraged to wear the clothing of their favourite football teams. Being in Massachusetts, most students wore New England Patriot jerseys. Of course, of those students, most of them wore jerseys with the number 12 emblazoned upon them.
What kind of world is this if Tom Brady is not absolutely ashamed of himself? He, a grown man, is showing the maturity of a hormone-driven teenager. Tom Brady apparently has no regard for traditional virtue or Biblical morality. Am I suggested that we hold up professional athletes to a higher standard? No, I am suggesting that we all be held up to higher standards. It is time we all stopped giving passes to sports stars just because they can throw or hit a ball. We need to stop idolizing these people. Why not give our children the message that virtue and morality are to be treasured more than trophies and awards? Let’s stop excusing perverse behaviour and call men into account for their behaviour.
It seems as though even good, fundamental men fall into this trap of “worshipping” sports stars to the point of overlooking their sin. I will never understand the great hold sports has upon people. In the end, it is all meaningless to begin with. Bodily exercise profits little Paul tells us. And let’s not fool ourselves - this is exactly what Paul had in mind. There is nothing wrong with keeping healthy, but a life lived for any sport is a waste. According to the 1828 Webster’s dictionary a sport is (1) That which diverts and makes merry; play, (2) Mock; mockery; contemptuous mirth, (4) Play; idle jingle. Why is so much of our time wasted on something meant as a diversion, played by immature, sinful men and in the end has no effect on our life, the lives of others or on anything of eternal worth. Yet, for some odd reason, many people associate ability in sports with an ideal of manhood.
What is manly or praise-worthy of a man hopping from supermodel to supermodel and forcing a woman to raise her child without a loving, present, father? Sorry, Tom, but money and part-time fathering can never fully replace the atmosphere that two-loving parents (loving each other and their baby) can provide a child.
This is shameful, and yes, Tom Brady should have to defend himself.

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