Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Living Lessons

The lives of people in the Bible
Are like living lessons taught-
We read of most amazing deeds
When God's perfect will they sought.
They enlighten and uplift us-
For we've lessons we must learn,
And as we read of their accomplishments,
Our hearts may truly yearn-
To have the perfect trust of Daniel
That his Lord would lions tame,
The courage of those Hebrew men
Who faced the deadly flame,
To have in times of tribulation,
The faith and zeal of Paul,
And Mary Magdalene's devotion
Once she heard her Master's call,
Or the obedience of Joshua,
And his trust that his Lord could
Bring the walls of a great city down-
Because He said He would!
Have a forgiving heart like Stephen,
As he faced a most cruel death,
And asked mercy for his enemies
With painful, dying breath,
That we could be like faithful David,
Serve, with praise, our loving Lord,
And know the bravery of martyrs
Who defied the devil's sword.
Our lives may never ever match
Those lives so greatly spent,
But the testimonies of their faith
Should give encouragement,
For we, the saved, are walking
On the very road they trod-
The road to Heaven's Gateway-
And serve the same and mighty God!
Vicki I. Porter


GM-Dave said...


I need you help when you has time. How do you add site code? I am no good at it. What do you put it under?


Christopher Cline said...

Great Post.

Lord Bless...

Hebrews 11:1 said...

GREAT poem! What an encouragement! Keep up the good work, brothers.
By the way, wherabouts in NC do you live? I've been there frequently, although I live outside of Montreal, Canada. I enjoy the Bible Belt feeling there in NC.

The Good Reporters said...

I'll be glad to help you but, I'm not sure what you mean by site code.

Bro. Chris,
Thank you for your comment and faithfulness to my blog.

Hebrews 11:1,
Thanks for the encourageing words.

We live in the central part of NC.

Terry said...

What a beautiful poem about some true heros from God's Word!
How nice it will to meet them all in person when we all get to heaven!

Just like Hebrews11:1,
Bernie and I and my siter ,Betty have been to NC.[for Southern Gospel Concerts].

Bible belt indeed!
We have no such Bible belts in Canada and that is too sad!
You can hardly put a radio station on there that doesn't have gospel programming and music.
How glorius is THAT?!!.......God's Blessings from Terry