Friday, May 25, 2007


Within a well-made pasture fence
From cool shade of a tree,
Two horses viewed the world outside
And longed to be set free.
They did not realize the fence
Secured their freedom right
To eat, to drink, to rest, to run,
To their young hearts' delight.
With wild abandonment they ran
Into the countryside,
Excited by the strange new sights
The pasture fence denied.
Before the evening sun had set,
Both horses lay stone dead.
The freedom they thought led to joy,
Took life from them instead.
They tried to cross a busy road,
A large truck could not stop;
Its driver saw them side by side
Impact his truck and drop.
Though love for freedom is inborn,
It dare not have free rein.
Unguided freedom always leads
To tragedy and pain.
No freedom can be had for free,
There is a price to pay--
For man it is obeying laws
At work, at home, at play.
True freedom that is ultimate
Is that blest liberty
God offers us through His dear Son
In Christianity.
Arthur T. Templin


Julie's Jewels said...

Excellent poem!!!

Cindy said...

This is just awesome!