Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Baylor has Lost its Religion

Baylor University is listed on as a Southern Baptist university. This school was the place of education for such preachers as Lester Roloff and J Frank Norris. These men in their day won multitudes to Christ and are still having an effect in various ways today. Both of these men also made a strong break from the university. So why would these men break with this Baptist university?
Baylor University was often criticized for teaching evolution and modernism, but the scriptures teach that "wisdom is justified of her children" (Matthew 11:19). So what is going on at the Southern Baptist school today?
A professor at the university has recently been denied his tenure to teach. Many close to the situation have pointed out that the professor is very conservative on issues such as pro-life, gay marriage and intelligent design. Several professors stated that they don't consider intelligent design to be a part of valued scientific theory. Didn't J Frank Norris say that Baylor University was pushing evolution? Maybe he was on to something.
It should come as no surprise that this "Christian" college suffered a probation in 2003 from the NCAA. Why? Murder, drug use and money scandals. Teach young people that they come from beasts and they will behave as though they do.
Bro. Drew Ray

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cjohnson469 said...

So, one or two actions out of a million positive ones makes Baylor un-christian?

One or two comments from Baylor professors who don't represent all of the university make Baylor un-christian?

Perhaps you missed the fact that Baylor has a thriving seminary and religion undergraduate program. Or you missed the fact that every year 65% of the students participate in extensive community service. Or your missed the fact that Baylor's mission calls for it to be extensively and intentionally Christian.

If you are going to blog as if you have some degree of credibility, please try to do even a small shred of research or contribute a small shred of thought before posting.