Monday, April 23, 2007

It's Dark Outside

(I read this from another fellow blogger's site, and thought each of you might be interested in reading it)

Today, people all across America, and even throughout the world, are trying to make sense out of yesterday's insane rampage. A lot of fingers are already starting to be pointed, and a lot of accusations will probably be made in the coming days, weeks and months. Some of the accusations maybe justified, many will not be justified.
Why would someone do something like this? There's only one answer - sin. The destructive spirit of our sin nature causes people to do many unspeakable things. Taking the life of another without just cause, is about the worst thing many do to others everyday. When our sin is multiplied with Satanic influence, unstable minds, and real or perceived wrongs, the consequences tend to be horrific.
Today, we often try to explain away our sin. We blame it on our childhood, our parents, our circumstances, our disabilities, medical and mental problems. Sometimes bad things did occur. Most of the time, we are just making excuses for our actions. We are programmed from our childhood that we are no longer responsible for our actions. That if we are placed in a good environment, and take enough drugs, we will be respectable citizens. That sounds nice, but it is still wrong.
Could the tragedy at Virginia Tech have been prevented? Probably. But, hindsight is always 20/20. It is possible that had someone paid attention to what now is being revealed about the killer, that this entire episode could have been avoided. It is also possible that had staff and faculty members been allowed to carry firearms that the casualties could have been minimal. It is also possible that had someone reached this young man with the Gospel of Jesus Christ then we would not be speaking or writing of this. The "what if's" are endless in supply.
Sadly, many, and I fear the anti-gun advocates in particular, will use this for political capital. I am afraid that many will use this situation as proof that "guns kill people" and that if guns are taken away, then our streets, schools, homes and businesses will be safer. We will never be safe, for one who desires to kill others will always find a way to do the awful deed.
As we look on this situation, it is apparent that this world is getting more evil every day. It is very dark outside, and until the Lord returns, it will only get darker.
Bro. Ray Perdue


Vikram Madan said...

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It is happening because of your media player, most probably. Or the random lines at the bottom of the right column.
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Great job on your blog otherwise. Keep it up!


Ray Perdue said...

Thanks for posting that piece on your blog, gentlemen. I received a couple of hits as a result.

Keep up the good work.