Monday, January 22, 2007

Differences in the Creation Event and the Big Bang Theory

Before we can accept a theory of origins as being absolute, we much first examine it in light of scripture. This examination must be done with the big bang theory as well. There are some places where the Modern Big Bang Theory (MBBT) and Scripture agree, such as the fact that there was a beginning of space, matter, and a time - as indicated in the first verse of Genesis. Also, Scripture teaches that the heavens were stretched out, as does the MBBT. However, although there are a couple agreements between the two, we must not commit the fallacy of a verified prediction. That is to say, “Because the Bible says there was a beginning to space, time, and matter, and so does the MBBT, that means the MBBT theory is true.” Other theories (such as Humphrey’s white hole cosmology) have other method to explain the beginning of space, time, and matter.
The MBBT and scripture do not agree on many parts, and this is the focus of our discussion now. Firstly, the time frame is vastly different. The MBBT puts the beginning of everything at around 18-20 billion years. The Bible gives us clear genealogy in Luke 3:23-38 from Christ to Adam, indicating a time frame of roughly 4,000 years from Christ to Adam (Who was present in the beginning as quoted by Christ in Mark 10:6 and Matthew 19:4). Today, 2,000 years after Christ, we sit at 6,000 years roughly for an age of the earth as given in scripture.
Secondly, the order in which both theories have bodies created is vastly different. With the MBBT, the sun is created prior to the earth. With the Bible, the earth is created prior to the sun. The same goes with the moon and stars. With the MBBT these bodies didn’t evolve until much later in history. With the creation account in Genesis, they were created on the following day. It’s very important that the days in Genesis be literal 24-hour days when dealing with the items created because the grass, trees, and flowers were made on day three, whereas the sun, moon, and stars were made on day four. Without the light available, the plants would wither and fade. The differences greatly outweigh the similarities.
Jonathan Sampson

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