Monday, November 27, 2006

We're back!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving; I know I did. We had a really good time at Faith Baptist Camp. It sure was good to see our friends and make new ones as well. I had the opportunity to go shopping with Bro. Sammy Allen Monday morning. We went to all kinds of stores buying food and supplies for the camp that week. It was a blessing and honor to be able to spend time with this man of God. I also had the opportunity to help with the printing of about 160,000 tracts. I really enjoyed being able to help do that. The Lord really blessed in the services as well. The different messages preached were really good and right on target. On Friday night, the Lord really moved and there were several people that got saved. Praise the Lord!!!

I thank the Lord for keeping us safe as we traveled and thanks to each of you who prayed for us.



Anonymous said...

It was a joy getting to see you and the family!! We had a great time together didn't we? Be sure to take care of your new "friend" for me now.

The Good Reporters said...

Yes, I had a really good time as well. Don't worry about my new "friend". He seems to be adjusting really well with our family. LOL