Friday, November 10, 2006

Steps in Fruit Bearing

(Here is another devotional outline emphasizing soul-winning helps. It was published in our church's "Go Ye" newsletter which is passed out during each weekly church-wide visitation meeting)

1. You are Someone's Fruit.
A. God uses people to reach people.
B. Someone told you.
C. Someone discipled you.
D. Someone cared for you and kept you in church.

2. Seed Fruit (new converts, prospective soul winners) must be Planted.
A. Stay put to produce long range results.
B. Stay under adverse circumstance. (in the dirt)
C. Stay obscure. (not seen, not braggedon, in the ground)
D. Stay in nutritious conditions.
1. water - God's Word
2. minerals/nutrients - method of operation

3. Seed Fruits Must Die.
A. Die to self.
B. Die to world.
C. Die to ambitions.

4. Growth of the Plant takes Time.
A. Go with no results.
B. Go with souls saved, and no baptisms.
C. Go with souls saved and baptism.
D. Go with souls saved, baptisms and soul winning converts.

5. Fruit Grows on Mature Plants.
A. You must have faith.
B. You must have experience.
C. You must know God's Word.
D. You must not give up.

6. Fruitfulness is the Real Test of the Plant.
A. Healthy roots do not please the farmer.
B. Healthy trunk and limbs do not please the farmer.
C. Healthy leaves and blossoms do not please the farmer.
D. Only fruit will please the farmer.

7. Bearing Fruit Once does not Guarantee Future Fruit.
A. Daily walk with God.
B. Daily go soul winning.
C. Faithfully follow-up converts.
D. Keep doing what works.

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