Thursday, November 16, 2006

Are We Pleasing God With Our Walk?

Ephesians 5:15 "See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,"

As we read this verse, Paul commands us to "walk circumspectly". In the Webster's 1828 dictionary, the definition for circumspectly is as follows: "Cautiously; with watchfulness every way; with attention to guard against surprise or danger."

Are we being wise as we are walking in this sinful world? When Satan tries to tempt you with different sins, you need to tell him that you are not going to do that. When he tries to get you to do drugs or go into some store where you know you should not be, you need to walk right around that type of obstacle that he put in front of you. He may try to get you to take a drink of alcohol....walk around that sin. Tell him that you are NOT going to let him RUIN your life.

I want to challenge each of you to walk circumspectly. Watch where you go, who you hang out with, etc. Be wise and allow the Lord to guide you.


Jim said...


That is a very important truth... our walk matters much during our lifetime of Christian service; and Satan will always be tempting us to walk away from the path of TRUTH.

Keep up the good work!!!


Bro Tim said...

Joshua very good post. Yes we are to walk circumspectly. THe devil walks about seeking whom he may devour, and we have to be watchful of him.
Bro Tim

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! I know all too well the obstacles that the devil will put before us. He uses MANY different obstacles. If we walk in the Spirit then we will recognize these obstacles as being from Satan and we will avoid them. If we are walking in the flesh then we will be drawn to those obstacles and will fall. Very good post Joshua. See you next week!!!