Monday, September 04, 2006


Ephesians 3: 20 - 21 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

Verse 20 concludes that God has the power to do more than we are able to ask or even think. The term "abundantly" means to go far over the top. God reveals to us that He has the might to go far above the top of our dreams and prayers. So if this is true then way does it seem like God does not move and reveal Himself as He has done in days gone by? Has He changed? Have His abilities worn thin? The answer to both of those questions is "Of course not." I would like to show you two reasons why I believe God does not move in a powerful fashion much anymore. First, it is because we have limited God with our lack of faith. The same was so with the children of Israel in the wilderness. (Psalms 78) Tells us that they questioned God about taking care of them and God declared that they were guilty of "Limiting The Holy One of Israel." That's right! God's power and work was hindered because of the disbelief of His people. I wonder how many miracles, healing, and prayers we have forfeited because we just would not believe God in faith? The second reason would be found in our text. Verse 21 says that He does these great works so that He would get glory from the church. Could it be that we don't see God moving because we have not given Him the due glory for what He has already done? God desires and is blessed by the worship and praise of His people toward Him for His mighty works.
I just want to serve notice to God's people that He is still in business and He is alive and well and He still wants to bless and help His church. I wish we would just take off the brakes and let God run through our lives full throttle! Oh what glory and power we have missed because of our lack of faith and shallow worship. Think about what kind of service we could have Sunday if everyone would attend the services expecting God to do something and be willing to give Him the glory when He did it. Our lives, families, and churches could be changed over night.
I will focus the rest of this article showing just what God is really able to do in three important areas of our lives.

Mark 5: The Bible tells us that there was a crazy man that lived in the land that was out of control and dangerous to himself as well as others. The country tried to "tame him" with different methods and programs. He lived among the tombs and was found often crying and cutting himself with stones. His condition had driven him to the point of depression and suicide. He was a freak and the surrounding villages told all their children to stay away from the graveyard and the wild man. When he would become overtaken by one of his fits the valley below him would shutter as they would hurry to board up the windows and lock the doors. Children would sleep under their beds at night and the fathers would spend the night at the front door to protect the family inside. Everyone wished he would die because they were sure that any hope of change was impossible. The Bible explains that he had been bound with fetter and chains often times revealing his bondage and captivity. This man was in trouble and bound with chains he could not see much less break, the chains of sin! No man, no matter how strong or smart has ever been able to break the bondage and slavery that sin brings to their lives. Just about the time everyone gave up, a boat come across the sea. Inside was Jesus. As the boat approached the dock and Jesus stepped off the ship that wild man saw Him and ran to where He was and worshipped Him! The next time you see the crazy man, the country witnessed him "seated" "clothed" "and in his right mind." What a change! What a miracle! What power! Yes, friends Jesus not only had the power to do that 2,000 years ago, He still is able to break the chains in our day. The same God that delivered then is the same God that can deliver now! I declare to you HE IS ABLE!

Daniel 3: We find three young men that were in a far country trying to stand for what was right. It was these young men that refused to bow to the music and the image. The king quickly commanded them to be thrown into a burning furnace with the fire being seven times hotter than ever before. The three young men were bound and cast into the fire to be burned down to ashes. As the king gazed into the burning pit he could not believe his eyes. The sight was unreal to the human eye. All three young men were walking around in the midst of the fire unhurt and set free from the ropes that had them bound. Also, he saw a fourth man walking in the flames like unto The Son of God. The three young men came out of the furnace without even the smell of smoke on their clothes. This proves that God may not always see fit to remove the trials from our lives but will always give us the grace of His salvation and the presence of His Spirit to endure the hard places in life. God took the hurt out of their situation. The Good Lord of glory has done the same for me so many times. He allowed me to be cast into certain situations so that He could reveal His power and presence to me during those times. He has led me through the valley, the hillside, the darkness, the desert, the rough places, and the storm, and in each case He has protected me from the hurt and pain that could have been. HE IS STILL ABLE!!

Eze.37: Gives us a picture of the nation of Israel and the coming future of this nation. God expressed this with a view of dead bones in a valley in which Ezekiel witnessed. These human bones were scattered, broken apart from each other, and was just a mass of scattered remains. To look at this sight would give one the conclusion that to put these lives back together again would be beyond reason. All of them were just so messed up and scattered all over. But God commanded the prophet to preach to them, and as he obeyed the voice of God The Bible tells us that "breath" entered into them and they came back together-bone to bone, and stood up to be a great army. In type, I see a lot of scattered lives as I cross this country. I see people so messed up I think to myself "You're so divided and scattered, I can't see you ever getting help." Then I'm reminded that through preaching God takes ruined lives and somehow begins to put the scattered pieces back together again. And before you know it, it is hard to believe that it is the same person. I have witnessed God saving, changing, and putting together lives that looked beyond help or hope. So don't ever give up on people. God is able to breath on them no matter the ruin and deadness of their lives. God can take anyone and save them by His power and change them by His grace. Don't give up on that loved one, that friend, that person on the job, that family down the street, that boy on drugs, that girl headed for trouble. There is a God in heaven that can "breath" on what is left and make something beautiful and powerful out of them!! HE IS STILL ABLE!!!

I trust this short article encouraged you to not give up and NEVER limit our Great God.

He is still able so lets start believing Him!!!

by Dr. Kidd


Sis. Julie said...

Amen!!! God is truly able!!

Bro Tim said...

I was thinking I read that somewhere. But Thanks for posting it here. I agree one hundred percent with Dr Kidd's thoughts here. There is so much that God wants to do in our churches if we would only believe him. Our young people need to see something happen in church so they can see God's power move.
Bro Tim

Aunt Naomi said...

Ephesians 3:20-21 is such an exciting promise for the Christian. Everytime I read those verses I think of your Mom, for I know that they have special meaning to her.